What settings does everyone use for snowy conditions?

I’m using a GoPro MAX. When it’s a sunny day, the bright light causes a fair bit of overexposure (very light).

As a novice in photography, are there any setting to counteract this effect? Any advice, even if it’s not GoPro specific will be very useful. Thanks

I use the LabPano Pilot One which performs great in snow-type conditions which coincides with fewer leaves on trees. The camera struggles with fine detail of leaves but looks really good with snow and trees in the winter. Fewer leaves overhead also means better GPS reception. Have you tried setting your EV to -1? The Pilot works best at +1 as it seems to capture on the dark side :). Here is a SV sample in quite bright conditions: https://goo.gl/maps/ViFYVniPWLbpEghs5

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