What is the largest micro SD card I can use with the GoPro MAX?

I am thinking about buying a 512GB San Disk Extreme micro SD card.

Is this compatible with a GoPro MAX?

I believe for my old Fusion the MAX memory card size was 64GB so I want to be 100% sure this card will work with my MAX before I buy it.

In one word: yes.

You can upgrade to any micro SD labeled as microSDXC.128GB, 256GB, 400GB, and 512GB cards are all available. I recommend using SanDisk Extreme cards. At a minimum the card should support a read/write speed of at least 90 Mbps (Max is limited to 78Mbps).

For reference, a 64GB memory card should hold around 23,000 photos / 2.5 hours of video. Ignoring battery life a 512GB card should give you 176,000 photos / 20 hours of video.

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