What camera do Google use on their Street View cars? Can I buy one?

I saw someone asking about buying a Street View Camera (below $1000) in another thread.

Since I got laid off due to COVID-19, I’m now thinking of starting my own Google Street View capture projects and am fortunate enough to have a bit of money to buy some good kit (about $5000).

Do Google sell the cameras they use on the Street View cars? Do they use one of the cameras on the Street View Ready products page?

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@mattypho some good news, much of the kit used on Street View cameras can be purchased.

The 3 bits of bad news; 1) the camera kit is worth over $30k, 2) involves a lot of propriety Google software to process, and 3) contains a lot more than just sensors (lasers, LIDAR, etc).

Here’s some more info on SV cameras that you might enjoy reading:

For a $5k budget you can pick up a very good Street View camera with a fair amount left over for accessories too. What type of Street View imagery are you looking to capture? Roadways? Pathways?

Hi Mattypho,
as Dave said, Google equipment is custom made and a bit expensive (a fully Google Trekker worth around $350.000), and to be honest, you don’t need it as there is any way for us (common users) to send hypothetical trekker captures to Google.
What you can do is buy a good camera, for this budget you can get an Ista360 Pro 2, and a few accessories as a car mount, a custom backpack, and storage units, as 8K camera, generates a lot of data to store.

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