We can help to map our local cycling infrastructure

With the current climate around the world there is a strong interest in promoting walking and cycling.

In my area, our local council is working with a local cycling organisation to plan and map the cycling infrastructure for the area.

See my current local map here (The link is in red half way down the page) It’s a Google maps overlay.

I’ve made an approach to get involved after studying their map, I realise that I’ve already captured about 20% of the routes.

There is potential for all of us to reach out to our local authorities and get involved. Hopefully on a paid basis.

Anything cycling/walking related is high profile at the moment.

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Thanks for sharing @JimGayes360. What’s your setup for 360 captures on bike paths?


My setup is basically the same as my walking trails setup.

Labpano Pilot Era or P1EE backpack mounted above my head. The camera mount post is adjustable for angle for my riding position.

Remote control of the camera via the Pilot Go app on my phone which I have mounted on the handlebars.

Turn everything on and pedal off into the sunset! :grinning:

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