Virtual Tour Guiding using Zoom and Google Street View

On the evening of Monday 23rd, March 2020, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced country wide restrictions to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Even before the lockdown was announced, many were already self isolating at home.

Social isolation, especially for those living alone, can be incredibly tough mentally.

During the lockdowns I’m running virtual tour guides of my home area, North East Hampshire, England.

Together, call participants will virtually explore the open spaces of the region (on Street View) with the help of experts who will talk about the history, wildlife and points of interest found in the area as we travel around.

Everyone reading this is welcome to join.

I was wondering if any fellow mapping geeks were running similar initiatives during the worldwide lockdowns? I’m seeing so many brilliant creative projects; virtual exercise classes, virtual choirs, virtual adventure lessons

I’m using a mix of Zoom and Google Street View to guide the tours. I’d be happy to share some lessons learned from my first attempts at being a virtual tour guide, and to answer any questions from those who want to guide their own virtual tours.

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