Viewing all of Street View on a VR headset (like Oculus)


I have been playing around with the Street View VR functionality on my phone recently (Google Pixel + Daydream + Google Cardboard headset).

Long story short, it’s really fun, but a bit limited in functionality (can only explore iconic places curated by Google).

I had the idea of documenting the bike and walk trails of my area here for elderly people that cannot go out anymore because of diseases and/or Covid19.

I’m tempted to buy an Oculus device to use Google Earth VR so that I can explore and share my own imagery. Has anyone else tried this app? Does it offer full Street View capability?

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Check out Wander (for Oculus Go).

Access all Street View imagery (inc. your own). It has a similar drop pin interface to GSV web.

What’s really cool is the ability to join with other users (friends, family… complete strangers). This feature could be really useful for your very admirable aim of sharing with the elderly population.

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