Using phone for IMU data?

I saw recently the blog post about GPS loggers:

It got me thinking about the IMU in phones.

Are these better than those in cameras?

If they are, would it be possible to add IMU data (like pitch, roll, yaw, etc) to a photo and video file like described with a GPS log.

I know this would be useful for the GoPro Fusion I have, because these values are not reported in timelapse photo mode.

Here’s an app I found that captures the data (Android):

Theoretically, it is possible, but the bigger problem is that on 360 cameras, IMU is placed as close as possible to the centre of the camera in order to record movements of the camera.
If you log with your phone in your pocket, for instance, angular movements recorded are related to your pocket. A phone placed 10 cm. above or below a camera on a pole collects very different data then the same IMU placed close to the camera centre.
For a GPS is different as the position is slightly the same.

Good point @KikoTrekView, I did not think about that.

I guess the other issue is making sure the phone is aligned to the camera. Even if attached close to the camera on the pole, making sure the phone is properly aligned and in the right position might be tricky (unless you build in some sort of housing for your phone).

A simpler, but less accurate way, might be to use this @HappyMapper

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