Using Google Street View for documenting rivers and streams

Is anyone is aware of an organized effort to use Google Street View to document waterways? I would love to hear about it. I’m considering how to use Google Street View for citizen science focused on water pollution.

Me and @nickw are starting out on an opensource project where you could build this… (are you a programmer?)

I understand a bit. But not interested in developing something myself.

My goal is to have a public record of these areas for all to view (and understand). Street View seems the most logical platform.

@Eesger perhaps I misunderstood something. Is you project designed for waterways?

I love this thread already.

I paddleboarded lots of local canals and rivers here in the UK last year. About 300 kilometers total. I planned to do the same again this year, but COVID-19 had other plans :frowning:

Here’s are some of the highlights from my Thames trip: Check my profile on Map the Paths for more.

Also check out Anders Foldvik on Mapillary, he’s a researcher using panoramic imagery of river environments in his research:

Can you share more about the project @HappyMapper? How do you plan to measure pollution? Are you planning research in specific geographies?

Yes and no :wink:

We’ll Do our best to work out our ‘battle plan’ We’ll keep younposted :slight_smile:

Googl Maps Street View with its blue line snapping behaviour is far from ideal for this. Better use Mapillary as a publishing channel, if not both.

Thanks @OmniSynThesis360VR.

Yes we will probably use Mapillary for now as it seems to be the easiest to use for our non-tech team members based on conversations with other researchers using it also (like in the link @dgreenwood-trekview shared above).

@HappyMapper, Meanwhile it got worse with GSV. They are clear that the new focus is capturing roads in video mode, no trails. So, better not have expectations too high on GSV results with anything else. Based on past experience, one is likely to run into a wall with their support with anything else than roads.

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