Uploader .3 publish to GSV not showing blue dot or blue line, but image is on GSV and clickable

Using Uploader.3 I successfully published a tour to GSV on 1/3/2021, so it’s been 2 weeks after posting. It’s a tour of 353 images located to Wheaton, IL. They are geo-located correctly on GSV. However, they do not show up at all, no blue dot, no blue line, no connections between images. If you leave your mouse over where they are geo-located, they show up and you can click on them. This is one example: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Rice+Lake/@41.8252948,-88.101056,17.3z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x880e5402ccb2e1d1:0x9b22a937af6b66f1!8m2!3d41.8256855!4d-88.1004455. You can find Rice Lake by searching for “Rice Lake, Leask Lane, Wheaton, IL”. If you put your mouse along the trail on the south side of the lake, my images will show up and you can click and see the image just like normal GSV. I have 6 other tours, all published in 2021, in this state. Google may fix it someday, but maybe there is something happening in the Uploader.3 causing this. I have 4 other tours uploaded to GSV using Uploader.3 that only have blue dots, no blue line and no connections. I have a few others (not sure when I started using Uploader.3, keeping track now) that worked just fine, yes blue line and connections, posted in Dec 2020 soon after you resolved the Windows 10 problem and updated to Uploader.3.

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@mikejbb, I recognize this. I re-uploaded GSV video captures of earlier last year in October.
Look here on Maps 12.107570107225996, -68.93501411371413
Zoom in, click on blue-line. You will see Google capture.
Click a little aside to the north of the blue-line and you will get my capture on blue car.
If you look at satellite imagery, then my capture is on the road as on satellite, which I consider to be correct because of 3 years experience with this. The Google capture and blue-line are in the road on Maps, which does not align.

I have showed this in an emeeting with a screenshare to my GSV support buddy last Tuesday. It is case nb [0-6907000030884] Ranking. Ranking was the start, but the cause of the trouble is what you experience too and it was @JimGayes360 pointing to the cause.

On the 14th following was the answer of GSV support.

'Hi Joscelin,

Thank you very much for the feedback and the examples provided. This information has been shared with our engineers and will undoubtedly be of help to find a solution to this incident. It is an ongoing effort to improve map accuracy and your help is greatly appreciated. You should also keep in mind that when the map is not correct, you can suggest edits using this link.

At the moment will be not necessary to have a videocall meeting as everything is clear from our side.

Thank you again.

Regards, ’

This was my first experience with the new 1-on-1 support for Trusted. Same put-off answers as we used to have on the forum.

So, this is not a MTP uploader issue. Going from the presumption that you are talking about a GSV video upload (please confirm). In case it was a sequence of photos, GSV appears to be changing its processing again. I am not sure if these are still accepted for auto blue-line creation.
@dgreenwood-trekview had a cc of my email thread with GSV support.

I’m doing a sequence of photos, usually 500-1000 per tour. I uploaded 2 more using MTP.3 to GSV today and they all are on GSV immediately and not showing up so I call them phantoms. One of yesterdays uploads has about 5% of the tour with a blue line, the rest are phantoms.

I’m not surprised if the problem is Googles. Everything worked perfectly until the fall of 2018 using the GSV app on Android and Android on Windows. After that, it worked and still works when it feels like it. I do keep trying every now and again. The MTP process is the easiest if Google accepts it fully.

I’ve used the video upload process successfully in the past, but it uses up way too much upload bandwidth, so I changed to a sequence of photos.

I use an Insta360 OneX.

@mikejbb, can you link some broken Blue Lines you’ve uploaded? I’m trying to figure out common behaviours of BL errors for off-road. The more examples, the more I can test my hypotheses.

Here’s a map location of Lake Renwick Preserve, uploaded over 2 days and shows a blue line but it is completely broken.

I’ve uploaded 23 tours with 12,368 images using uploader.3.

3 total tours have 100% blue dots and they still work, but no connections.

4 tours had almost 100% blue lines and worked with connections for awhile, but now they don’t even show an image, so they are completely broken.

The remaining 16 never showed many dots and no blue lines but if you know where they are, you can put your mouse over one and click on it, and it shows. I call these phantoms. I’ve started using Pano2VR and have uploaded 10 tours of about 6,000 images and all 10 have good blue lines, so it’s not my account.

Thanks @mikejbb. This does look like an Uploader issue.

In v.4 I’m adding support for video uploads to Street View (in v.3 videos are split into photos and uploaded as photos).

Hopefully this will solve the issue - I’ll probably need your help to test :slight_smile:

Tracking this fix here: https://github.com/trek-view/mtp-desktop-uploader/issues/154

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