Uploader .3 Error: Quota exceeded - RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

“GoogleUploadImages : {“error”:{“code”:429,“message”:“Quota exceeded for quota metric ‘Read and write requests’ and limit ‘Read and write requests per minute per user’ of service ‘streetviewpublish.googleapis.com’ for consumer ‘project_number:973304971440’.”,“status”:“RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED”,“details”:[{”@type":"type.googleapis.com/google.rpc.ErrorInfo",“reason”:“RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED”,“domain”:“googleapis.com”,“metadata”:{“service”:“streetviewpublish.googleapis.com”,“quota_metric”:“streetviewpublish.googleapis.com/requests”,“quota_limit”:“UserQps”,“consumer”:“projects/973304971440”}}]}}"

I was using my Xfinity 1.2TB bandwidth up too fast when uploading to GSV, so I made the upload images smaller, 60 compression in Lightroom, but not visibly different. That made/allowed them to upload MUCH faster, thus maybe causing this error. I guess the GSV API has some limits. I had a similar problem with Pano2VR6 (Pro free use) just trying to get an index of all my GSV’s. Pano2VR6 put in a governor to slow down the requests and now I can get the index of my >57k images already uploaded. I’ve been able to upload up to 500 images using the latest Uploader .3 when my file size was around 13k. Much more than 500 and I get another error after awhile. I currently have about 26k images to still upload, thus the Xfinity bandwidth problem.

edit1: So far I was able to upload 50 and 60 of these 1k jpg’s successfully.

This is one of the 45 images that were successfully uploaded to GSV before the error.

@mikejbb this is, sadly, a limit imposed on us by Google.

Google have a bandwidth limit of about 750mb/hour or 2500mb/day per user.

I have made a request to up this, but I have no idea when they’ll respond.

Sorry about that!

Awesome, now I know how much I can do per hour/day. I haven’t run into any errors since I’ve been using these metrics.
edit 1/16/21 - 3 days and still no errors since I limit how much I upload per hour/day.

Thanks, @mikejbb!

Google upped our limit this week, so this is good to hear as it appears to resolve the problem!

Can’t wait to see the images.

Please tell me the new limits as I have so much to upload and I now stop at 750mb/hour and 2500mb/day.

About 10x those number @mikejbb.

I am working with Google on a better method of uploading to avoid bandwidth restrictions. No ETA on that yet though – sorry!

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