Underwater With GoPro MAX

So I have a quick question; it might be silly but, the GoPro MAX is waterproof, correct?

I haven’t seen many 360 photos or videos underwater. Can someone share some to see?

I would like to use a GoPro MAX underwater in lakes (depth about 30cm - 2m) as part of an upcoming research project, but I am currently trying to validate if it is suitable for my requirements before I make a purchase.


Hi, GoPro Max is waterproof but due to refraction issues you won’t get focus or a full 360 picture underwater without a housing. 360bubble make a housing which can be used with GoPro Max/Fusion - https://360bubble.co/.

Sample footage:

Max https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEWpvoTIoD4

Fusion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K6ul_WfEOk

As @JonSlayer notes, refraction is a big issue for stitching (because light behaves differently in water, any difference in light on either side of the camera will cause issues during stitching).

You can see an example of refraction causing lines / blurs in this video taken on a GoPro:

Simply put, using the MAX underwater is not really advisable for 360 capture. For single lens capture it works better, but that doesn’t solve your 360 issue.

This issue affects all 360 cameras (Ricoh, Garmin, Kandao, etc.) and is not unique to the GoPro’s.

I second @JonSlayer’s 360Bubble recommendation for the GoPro Max/Fusion (disclosure: Jon is the founder of 360Bubble) – this is the go-to accessory for shooting underwater with consumer level 360 cams right now.

I’ve written up a bit more about how we use the 360Bubble at Trek View here, that you might find helpful.

OK. Thanks @JonSlayer @dgreenwood-trekview. I’ll take a look at the 360Bubble

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