TrekView, Map the Paths branding and use case

Hi @dgreenwood-trekview

Singled out this subject from another thread of mine.
You have stated that MtP is a product of TrekView.
Looking at the MtP UI there is nothing that refers to TrekView.

What I am rather surprised about is that you have set out with TrekView, which now as a website is a rather empty nutshell only. I expected you to at least use TrekView as the main portal for consumers to get to the content to enjoy it virtually or to select their real life-hike. I still consider TrekView a well matching name for the general consumer of the content.

That is to say, I would separate the use case for contributing content and the use case for consuming the content. Now it is a mixed bag altogether in the MtP UX. That makes that in MtP I miss a general switch to toggle between contribution and consumption mode.

From a user segmentation angle I would like to take this even a step further.

  • Contribute by Trekker
  • Consume by general public
  • Research by researcher
  • Marketplace: define area by Trekker, search trekker

I feel these all need there own UX and should be accessible through the main TrekView portal.

Hope this helps to design for better appeal.

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