Trek View Trusted Trekker Program

Hi all,

Many of you will be aware of the Google Street View Trusted Pro program. Some of you may also be aware it is going through a major revamp..

If you’re a 360 photographer, you should keep an eye on the Trusted Pro program as their for-hire index is a great way to generate new business.

We’re expecting to see a big increase in work, post-COVID 19, and want to build up our own trusted network of “Trusted Trekkers” – similar to Trusted Pros, but only focused on 360 photographers of the natural world (no indoor only photographers or road only photographers).

Trusted Trekkers will get priority for jobs that Trek View are involved in and also be able to market themselves in our public for-hire database.

If this sounds interesting; read more about the program, find a Trusted Trekker, or apply to become a trusted trekker here.

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