Trek Pack Pro - The Best 360 Mapping Camera Ever?

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Hi @dgreenwood-trekview, @KikoTrekView,

Is it your plan to make this camera/backpack combo available for hire for certain projects?
What is your thinking on this?

“the best” that simply invites questions :wink:

What is “the best”?
The best mix between?

  • the highest resolution camera
  • the highest image frequency (MP4 or separate JPG’s, what is best?)
  • the most portable (lightest?)
  • the most stable base result (include a gimbal? Or camera with the best software leveling/stabalisation?)
  • the most accurate GPS location
  • the best storage capabilities (what is best?)

And then offcourse what is “best” in that mix? Is the focus on “off road” mapping? (I think so)

I have read here (and on other places) that 8K is the “sweet spot”… but you choose the Titan 11K camera over the 8K Insta Pro or the 8K labpano Pilot/Era, why?

Not sure yet @JimGayes360. I’m sure @KikoTrekView has some idea of what could be possible here. I guess my question to you would be; would you ever consider a rental of such kit?

You’re right, the term ‘the best’ is subjective.

For most people this is overkill. If you plan to use the images outside of online mapping services, it becomes more advantageous to have increased resolution. But again, depends on what you’re doing.

That being said, what we’re trying to achieve is a very good setup addressing many of the gripes we have with existing kit at this level.

@dgreenwood-trekview, If a paying client wanted a project capturing to the highest image quality and resolution currently available that I can’t currently offer with my existing hardware, then equipment hire is an alternative solution.
If the project figures stack up, factoring in a camera hire is likely to be feasible.

I appreciate that there are transportation and insurance issues that will arise in addition to a basic hire charge that would need to be factored in too.

From your side, hiring out might be more hassle than it’s worth.

Hi @JimGayes360 ,
sorry for the delay in may reply, but I’m on travel in those days.
Rental solution is not excluded, but before I have to make the workflow easier, faster and without any possible surprises during the capture.
Actually I’m in touch with a couple of guys that ask me the same question and I proposed them to instead of rent the equipment, to create a project together, that is something that actually I can manage easily, so if you have any idea, feel free to contact me to talk about it.

Hi @Eesger,
probably the absolutely best simpy don’t exist as any solution could be the best for a job and the worst for another.
We are strongly convinced that this solution is the best for a high-end professional project where quality is the key factor.
This solution is designed for outdoor as is the main scope of Trek View captures, but of course, can be adapt for other kinds of jobs, as, for instance, car captures.
For sure is not the most portable or cheaper one, and is not possible to mount on a gimbal, as actually seems that any gimbal support that weight, but overall the whole system will become too heavy to be usefull.
I can say that after our customization, the GPS is quite good too, and for sure will be better once Trek View upload tool will be ready and we’ll be able to swipe GPS tracks too,

About 8K story, personally I think that there is anything true in that, as when you download a file from Maps (or Mapillyary as well) you’ll always get the best-optimized version, that could be 2000x1000 or 6000x3000 up to 13332x6656 that is, for sure, and enlarged version of a 7680x3840 (8K. file) if you see it on a large screen, so an original source as much close as the top resolution is always better.
About the camera choice, I mapped thousand kilometres with Pro/Pro2 that is nice camera, but anything compares with the quality of Titan ( if you play a bit with the timeline here, you’ll find all different captures) and about the Pilots cameras, I personally don’t like the output.

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