Translations in French / German

I will translate (slowly) for me some (parts of some) pages of this site (and discussions, but it is an other matter). Somebody with interest to collect them for the site?
Kind regards

So, after a lot of hours having nothing else to do than read and read here at that site I did find the link to the git where the documentation should be hosted. I am also looking for the place from blog documents but didn’t find it until yet (espec. this page : simply fantastic!).

As old wiki user I know what is allow in wikis and how to do that. But I did never work at some git activity and have all to learn.

can somebody help me to start to make doc’s in foreign languages if the community from trekview is interesting for it?

The first pages I would translate is above blog page (I need it in German as I will propose my municipality to acquire a bicycle with all the equipment and an smart phone if needing so that I would drive through the municipality with this bicycle and supply all data to the Office of Mobility Management from the town. This town needs to do somewhat: It is the 2d. LAST town in Germany under the «Germany Main Cities» (it is also the most small one under the same «Germany Main Cities»! So it is perhaps a part of the reason for that very bad appreciation and a valid excuse).

After that, I would begin with the translation of the guides Main Page etc (not always in the order as I do that mainly for ME first as long text in English are difficult for me, I often use to read them, and simply amend, so or so, the translation given by Google for me ;-). But it is good enough also for a web page (divers countries like China, Japan, Korea do that …).

If the community of trekview is interesting it would also be important to add some subdivisions, one per language, at “campfire” for discussions in French and in German (and more if more foreign language users appear and ask for it)!

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