Timemachine on Mapillary... back to 1906

Mapillary and Street View both have a time machine feature.

Usually this goes back a few years – it was designed to show short term changes to streets.

Mapillary user Potaro67v has taken it one step further, using images from 1906! Check it out…

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Hi @HappyMapper,

Some background on this as I’ve had a small involvement.

I was browsing through YouTube a few months ago and came across this Russian guy who has been colourising and upscaling very old videos. See here -

I’m friends with Potaro67 via mutual GSV interest and shared them with him as a few videos are in Tokyo.

He’s a skilled guy and thought it would be fun to deconstruct the San Francisco video and upload to Mapillary which he’s done successfully.

I believe he’s had to contact Mapillary to extend the time capsule date further back as the system wouldn’t accept the 1906 date.

You must watch the original video here -

a) it’s extremely funny, there were no rules of the road in 1906 - horses and carts, cars and trams, all doing their own thing.

b) This video is of extremely historical importance. The first 95% was captured just 4 days before the big earthquake San Francisco experienced that year.

You must watch the short section right at the end as the camera operator capture a small amount showing the huge damage after the earthquake.

I think Potaro67 is going to try and do similar with the flying train video too.


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Thanks for the context @JimGayes360. What a great idea!

There must be many old photos of London (and other UK cities) this could be done with. I’m just not sure where you’d find them. Any thoughts @JimGayes360?

@dgreenwood-trekview, @HappyMapper,

Yes, certainly there are many old videos and photos of most towns and cities around the world. Plenty of old city centre photos of Chester.

Just did a quick online search and found this story about Manchester -

Seems approaching the British Film Institute could be a good starting point.


Just found this website -

Another possible source -

I had a thought to do something a bit like this - but with ordinary photos, not 360s - one day back in summer 2018. My particular fascination is with ‘modern’ times which were either before my first memory, or during my childhood years, in particular the 1950s to early 1980s. It could even extend into the 1990s: even though I remember this period much more clearly, it would still be long enough ago to be interesting to see what has changed.

An application where you could walk around your neighbourhood in 1959, or 1967, or 1973, or 1981, or 1990.

However I never went any further as I suspect there are not enough photos available, would many people actually take photos of streets and residential areas?

Interesting idea anyhow, and something which would be good for an open source platform.

Hey hush… working on (something) like that :stuck_out_tongue:

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