The Great 360-Degree Camara Census 2020

There are more and more 360-degree cameras available on the market (brilliant!). Though for those starting out, the choice can be confusion.

The aim of The Great 360-Degree Camara Census 2020 is to collect the information in the heads of our community and provide a single source of unbiased information to help other photographers understand the various cameras and their features.

The only requirement is that your submission must be a 360-degree camera (no mobile phones with panoramic functionality, please).

We have made the form simple to fill out, without too much detail required. The aim is to help people shortlist cameras to begin their research.

Submit camera information to the census using this form.

Responses can be viewed here once submitted.

Before making a submission it’s worth checking if someone else has added the same camera. If you have something new to add for an existing entry, please submit the camera again as a new entry. Updated entries will be merged or updated.

Thanks for your help!

First camera added, the GoPro MAX.

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