The evolving camera landscape and our Mapillary 2020 recommendations

The evolving camera landscape and our Mapillary 2020 recommendations

I am capturing 360 with Labpano Pilot Era and will soon be capturing with their Pilot One Enhanced Edition.

GoPro MAX checking in here.

Far from the best in terms of image quality, but very versatile for outdoor adventures (and lots of mount types available).

In that email about 1 year Qoocam 8K, Kandao says that they have implemented the Open Spherical Camera protocol. I remember from reading the Mapillary blog from the start that Mapillary has implemented OSC in their iOS app! That means that Mapillary app can fire the Qoocam 8K! I do not know if Mapillary on iOS has the same superb capture approach as on Android, depending on distance covered or curve taken. I do not know how fast Qoocam 8K can fire to use it on a car with 7 fps. But, it means that you can get leveled pics off cam. However, seems to be without location data, but enough tools around to add that. Ready to upload to Mapillary. Great input for GoThru’s Street Builder for Google Maps Street View. Note that the operating environment temperature for Qoocam 8K of 40C is way too low to use it in the tropical sun. Also note that 8K is the minimum for GSV to take a contributor serious and to become ‘Trusted’. The importance is that a lower resolution will never supersede any Google capture, as per the new rules. So anyway, forget about these GoPros.

Alternatively, you may consider a Labpano Pilot camera and use GSV video mode capture, but that footage is not leveled.

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