The choice of vehicle affects the gps signal (?!)

I capture my sequences mainly from a bicycle, less often from a car, public transport.

And the accuracy of the gps track periodically upsets me greatly, although I studied and tested all the settings.

It would seem that the bike does not have a metal roof that can distort the signal … But the tracks turn out just awful…

The other day I had a long city trip by car, I fixed the external gps antenna at the lower edge of the windshield, and … the tracks turned out to be perfect!

What’s the matter?

Is the bicycle steering wheel distorting the signal? !!

Distorted path when riding a bike.

Almost perfect tracks recorded from a car among high-rise buildings

Hi @globetrotter,
These cycle routes, are they on Maps? Note that if a track is on Maps, then GSV processing will move photos within a certain distance to the track (road, trail). I take the red line is where the blue track should have been. They are rather a distance apart. Can you post a shot of the mounted equipment. Same antenna, same receiver?

@globetrotter hello. my 2¢. sometimes the gps signal can just be off depending on the configuration of the navigational satellites positions in your area. since the satellites are always moving their positions, the dilution of precision is in constant flux. throw in ionospheric disturbances or even instances of localized high humidity, and the signal can be off quite a bit.

my questions for you…
did you use the external gps antenna while on your bike?
have you biked the same route at a different time and gotten the same track data error?
is your gps track data always off by a constant distance whenever you are recoding data in your bike?
does your gps receiver use any kind of differential correction?

as someone that pretty much carries my handheld gps everywhere i go to collect track data, i get a wide range of variance along repeated routes. besides the factors i mentioned, which pocket on which side of my pack might cause the signal to be off from the actual path.

hope any of this helps you resolve your problem.

(disclaimer – i’m new to this group, so i might be spouting off stuff that’s common knowledge to everybody.)

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