TECHE 360 Cameras

Does anyone on the forum own one of these cams?

I just discovered the brand this morning after @KikoTrekView shared a link to one of their team filming with 360Anywhere 8K VR Video and Live Streaming Camera ($3500)

Video post is here.

The quality looks very good!

I have the Phytitan, previous model, that has not the same quality, but this new one is a lot promising.
Seem to have the same format of Pilot cameras, with a very improved quality.
I have no idea if it support or not Street View mode, but I can ask to Teche team.

Think Hugh from CreatorUp spends a word on that cam in a review of his.

Get them on the forum @KikoTrekView.

I’d be keen to hear more about their Street View workflows, if any.

Sent them an invitation to presents the camera here as well, and I hope to have a reply soon.

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