Street View Publish API and 360 videos

A while ago I remember Google announcing the push for videos in SV uploads.

Most of the SV cameras now shoot video mode for SV integration.

Software designed for SV uploads, like Trailblazer, seems to convert time lapses into video, before submitting to Google.

Google even talk about camera metadata motion spec and the SV API.

This is all great. But how the heck do you publish mp4 files or other video files captured to SV via the Publish API? The reference docs and API examples fail to mention anything about video.

Looking at the examples, the batch photo upload option seems to be best suited, but still needs frames of the video to be manually defined on client side vs. extracted from uploaded videos SV server side.

I’m sure pure video uploads must exist, otherwise; why would Trailblazer convert to video? Can someone point me in the right direction?

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