Street View images using company profile

Now that the Google Trusted Photographer program is dead, how can I post 360’s and get them branded to my company instead of me personally? Thanks.

If you mean posting with your business name attribution, just name the account you are posting with as your business name. i.e. Joe the 360 Photographer. And do not use that account for any type of local guide posting to Google Maps.

My issue is that I was originally using my personal account to host images as a Trusted Photographer. Can I transfer these existing street view images to a new account?

Yes, it’s possible using the Street View mobile app.

To transfer photo rights

  1. Open the Street View app
  2. Under “Profile,” open a photo that you’ve published.
  3. In the top right, tap More
  4. Choose Transfer rights.
  5. If your photo has been added to a verified Maps listing, the recipient field will automatically be filled in with the Maps listing name and the manager or owner of the listing will be the recipient. If you want to change the recipient, you can enter an email address. The email address has to be a Gmail account or associated with a Google account.
  6. Tap Transfer rights.

Full info here:

Yes, you can transfer photo ownership. No, you cannot transfer photographer statistics. You can create a new Google account with business naming and your logo in the photo as I do. I too have the heritage of using my personal account. I have deleted my 2019 and 2020 GSV video captures from my personal account and am re-uploading on my business account.

The GSV Trusted program is not really dead, but its transformation to new rules is very slow. Anyone can now upload GSV video. One doesn’t need to be Trusted or have a specific Local Guides level anymore. So, you can upload to your new account and start building your new standing. Note however, that single panos do not count for a new standing level. They need to be GSV video or virtual tour contributions.

In case you have high-level support access, then you can ask them to transfer that to your new account. They did that for me.

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