Street View App changes (November 2020)

Below you can see Google Street View Team announcement from November 2020…

Enhanced and simplified menu navigation
Tap to Explore Street View imagery, tap to Create Street View imagery, and tap Profile to manage your Street View collections.

A new Profile tab
You’ll also notice that the Profile tab has been redesigned for easier collection management. There are some filtering options, and photos within a collection are grouped together (no more endless scrolling!) If you create Street View using third party tools or third party apps, your collections will continue to be managed in the new Profile page.

Some changes
Due to low usage, there are several app features that we will no longer support starting the first half of 2021. If you’d like to use them in the meantime, you can jump back to the old UI by tapping your account photo in the upper right corner and selecting “Return to old version” (see more information below). It’s also important to note that several of these features will continue to be available through third-party tools which you can find via the Street View Ready software list.

Please read on for more details and we will continue to update this announcements section to ensure you have as much notice as possible.

Rights transfer
The “Rights transfer” tool will be removed from the Street View app. Going forward, you must publish new photos to the account that you want to own them.

Manual placements and connectivity
The ability to manually position, rotate and connect photos via the Street View app will also be removed. All existing and past manual positionings and connections you have made will be kept. Please note that you will still be able to manually position and connect 360 photos in all of the third-party publishing tools that utilize the Street View Publish API. For a list of those, please visit our website

Auto-connectivity Setting and Interval Capture
You will no longer be able to use the Interval Capture setting in the Street View app with a connected 360 camera. Cameras with an interval capture mode in their own software will continue to work.

Additionally, we will no longer support automatically connecting 360 photos. If you have this option enabled through the “Auto-connect 360 photos” setting in the Street View App preferences, we will maintain the connectivity of any 360 photos uploaded before the cutoff date. Photos uploaded after the cutoff date will not be automatically connected

In summary:
Your 360 photos continue to be valuable contributions to Google Maps, giving other people a better sense of our changing world. You can continue to publish single 360 photos with the Street View app and 3rd party tools to create connected 360 photo experiences.

If you regularly publish large volumes of connected, outdoor, street-level photos and videos, please read here to learn about some changes in how we will support you.


I’ve been using this new beta version for quite a while, but still prefer the moving Pegman in the older version.

You can only tap on the blue line in the new version to display panos. In the old version, Pegman’s feet are the accurate position of the position of the tour which is often not where the blue lines are.

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