Software to combine 360 videos together

I want to stitch some 360 videos together to create a single video to upload to Youtube.

The videos were shot with an Insta360 ONE X. I have already upload to Street View as individual files, but now want to share on YouTube.

The issue is, if I use iMovie (or similar) the videos can be made into one single video, but no longer show as 360 videos and no longer have any GPS.

Is there any software that can connect GPS tagged 360 videos together? I am happy to consider paid software.

Generally any edit of 360 Street View ready videos, cause the lost of the hidden track with GPS and data, but as far as I know, Mistika VR is able to stitch and preserve that data, so you can probably use it to edit your video.
There is a trial version you can download to run your tests.

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