Share to social buttons on Sequence and Tour pages, please

Asking for the obvious :wink:

Hey @OmniSynThesis360VR!

Have you seen the share buttons in the right sidebar? Or is it that you would like more platforms supported?

@dgreenwood-trekview, :slight_smile: yes. You are referring to a ‘Sequence Detail’ page, i.e. an individual pano. Definitely do like the side-bar options there. OSM and Wikipedia reference search specifically.

Your response gives me some additional thoughts.

In your screenshot, why call this page ‘Sequence Detail’ and not just ‘Sequence’?
Why list all the image keys in that side-bar, why would that be useful? A Mapillary sequence has a max of 500 images. Sure takes some retrieval and display processing (cpu use).

Why center align the Sequence name instead of to the left? I know this is American style still, but against European lay-out practices and standards based on reading ergonomics. Same in diagram with horizontal axis title.

Yes, you are right, I feel for a Sequence those social share buttons on the image are sufficient. You may want to group them in a fly-out share button and add more share options to social, Instagram especially. Testing the share to Facebook, the image does not show.

Leaves the request to have an option to share a Tour with first image of first Sequence. Landing should be on Tour Page with the Sequence list.

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