Sequence Title 30 Character Limit

Hi @dgreenwood-trekview,

Can I kindly request an increase to the number of characters allowed in the sequence title box please.

I’m finding the current 30 character limit quite restrictive.

Anyone else think the same?

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Hi Jim, can you give me an example of the titles you’d like to use?

Are you aware you can add searchable descriptions? And that you can also group Sequences as Tours (groups of sequences with some relationship e.g.

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Yes, I’m aware it’s possible to link sequences together to make up tours and add descriptions.

The first sequences I’ve titled are paths around our local “Caldey Valley Nature Park”, that alone consumes 25 characters before I’ve added anything meaningful.

Titles I’ve wanted to add here are

Caldy Valley Nature Park North to South Flooded Footpath.

Caldy Valley Nature Park East to West Footpath to Flooded Pond.

Just want to be able to add a meaningful title.


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