Sequence: have option to upload a downloadable .gpx

Hi @dgreenwood-trekview

Suggest to have an option in the Sequence upload or load process to upload the matching .gpx file for content consumers to use in their hike.

You might even want to consider to allow for creating a Tour with Sequences which have a .gpx file only. That can already be useful for those planning a hike and shows what needs a capture by a Trekkker, as not everyone aspires to be a Trekker capturing imagery.

This could also be useful if the panoramas do not have GPS information, as the GPX can then be used to position them based on interpolation from timestamps.

Some reference code (from opentrailview, quite old as it was used in OTV1 in 2010) here:

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Hi @OmniSynThesis360VR @nickw,

2 things;

The Uploader covers the ability to use gpx points in photo metadata (

If your images/videos aren’t geotagged (or you want to overwrite existing GPS inside images) you can use the Uploader to add .gpx points to the image metadata.

Secondly, downloadable .gpx’s are a great idea to implement for Tours/Sequences so that others can load the hike on their phone for navigation. I’ve added a feature request to track this:

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Meanwhile, I get the impression that there are quite a lot of trekking sites with .gpx’s around. Some rather advanced, with plenty of content and having mobile apps too. I feel Trek View / MtP is in competition with them, if you want it or not. Audience, content users, is what is needed. Could be quite a challenge to match. It might be an idea to scrape such sites for the .gpx files and have those as tours on Trek View / MtP with an indication to need imagery.

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