Savin Kuk Ski Center (Summer), Zabljak, Durmitor, Montenegro

Savin Kuk (2313 m) is one of the most beautiful and most visited peaks in the Durmitor National Park. Savin Kuk forms part of the incredible panorama view above Crno Jezero (Black Lake, 1416 m), which is also home to the Medjed (2287 m) peak. It’s beautiful triangle shaped peak dominates above the amazing beauty of Crno Jezero, which is surrounded with beautifully black pine trees forest. This panorama is trademark of Durmitor and Montenegro.

Savin Kuk is one of most visited peaks because of the chair lift that climbs high up its eastern slopes and stops only hundred meters below the summit, near Savina Voda (Sava’s Water spring). The chair lift is part of Durmitor Ski Center which contributes to the beauty of the eastern side of Savin Kuk.

As previously mentioned Savin Kuk, together with the 2 kilometres long high rocky plateau Sljeme (2455m), forms the eastern edge of central Durmitor area. Savin Kuk is large peak. It’s Eastern side is highest. It rises some 800 m above the Jezerska Povrs (Plateau of Lakes). This side is called Cista Strana (Clean Side).

Map of the trek route.

This trek tour is a slight cheat as we used the Ski centre cable car to get most of the way up to the summit.

We start the tour by capturing the new road to the ski centre before hopping on to the cable car.

New car park at the ski centre.

Hopped on the chair lift. A bit of a challenge with my backpack mounted camera.

And we are on our way! Heading for the first cable car station. We are taking two cable cars today.

Arriving at the mid way point. Getting off was also an interesting experience.

A short level walk to the right to the next cable car station.

Stunning views from half way up this steep cable car run.

Time to start some walking at last.

A short rest on the bench before heading up to the ridge behind.

Head round to the right to summit the ridge. Stunning view!

Half up the steep zigzag path to the summit.

Soon to arrive at the summit. Not the most dramatic of summit markers!

Take a cirular tour of the summit starting here. Crno Jezero (Black Lake) in the distance.

An enjoyable half day trip to the summit of Savin Kuk. We were tight for time otherwise we would have trekked back down. Take a look at the return cable car journey, the GSV imagery is parallel to the upward journey.

Blooper! A contortionist act to get on the chair and not get the camera tangled up in the safety bar.

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