Route planning for map captures

Has anyone got a good way to plan a route to capture images for mapping that is automated and create the shortest route possible to cover every street in an area. I could manually plan a route but would be excellent for this to be automated.

This is pretty much the definition of Travelling Salesman Problem - lots of points ( every street in a given area) and finding the optimal route to cover them.

I did a little Googling, but I can’t seem to find any simple browser based solutions that solve your problem (however, there are lots to route planner for multiple stops enroute to a destination).

Thinking logically, you would need to first identify all the points by referencing roads (or whatever type of path you want to cover). This could be done using OpenStreetMap data. Once you have a list of points you can use something like PgRouting to find the optimal route.

Clearly this requires a fair bit of tech knowledge. I’m almost certain something must exist though – hoping someone can surprise me (it would be a very useful tool, come to think of it).

Isn’t this actually the (slightly different) “Chinese postman problem”?

I recently stumbled upon this post, where they describe this exact problem, and apparently they plan to release some code to facilitate calculating it. I have also seen this repo on GitHub, that promises to do exactly that, but did not test it.

In brief, I also haven’t seen any online interface that makes this easy.

Easy peasy. In Mapillary create an enterprise account next to your personal one. Then you will have project planning tools.

I was building something along those lines, but priorities stopped me from finishing it…

take a look at:

drop a GPX file in there and see what happens.

Or just got to:

And play with that… it just might answer your challenge?

Very cool @Eesger.

Is it possible to draw a bounding box? Or only accepts lines right now?

Thanks :slight_smile: @dgreenwood-trekview

Drawing a bounding box around a GPX track wouldn’t be that hard, but I fear I am misunderstanding your question…

My scenario; I want to map a town. So I draw a bounding box over it. The map then calculates the optimum route to capture every road in the bounding box.

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