Recommended size for custom nadir using Nadir Patcher

Hi Trek View,

I think this is the correct place for this question. Sorry if not.

I have a question about Nadir Patcher. I have created a nadir, but I am not sure what size I should make it (% of image). Do you have any recommended size?

Also, I plan to upload to Street View, is there restrictions on what is allowed. Can I add my website URL?

Hi @juano,

Somewhere between 10% to 20% is what most other software tools use to generate a nadir.

Google’s max allowed size for nadir is 25% of the image (though personally I think this takes up too much space and spoils the image)

Yes, you can add your website to the nadir. See Google’s Street View branding guidelines here.

And finally, the content in the nadir must not be considered prohibited content by Google.

For those reading this today, Nadir Patcher has not been replaced by the Map the Paths Uploader available here:

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