Recommendations for External GPS?

Any suggestions for a external GPS for a 360 camera ? for streetview…Thank you

Hi @MapYourTown

there quite a few discussions on this topic right now:

In short, you’re not alone in searching a good GPS solution for mapping.

I know @JimGayes360 @chelseabrian @KikoTrekView will have some opinions on this topic…

Why my Garmin watch is so perfect , so small unit …

I mentioned the Arrow 100 in this thread - The way to make the perfect 360 sequence

It apparently has sub-meter accuracy.

I bought a second hand GNS2000 it uses GPS / GALILEO / GLONASS satellites and is more accurate then the standard GPS data from my iPhone (about by a factor of two).

PS: I am seriously interested in the development around:

Hoping for a decently prices antena for generating better GPX files… (or any other format, as long as it contains: date/time , lat/lon & altitude)

Hi @MapYourTown, @dgreenwood-trekview, @Eesger, @chelseabrian

My thoughts on this topic are as David has mentioned - just simply capture initially using high precision GNSS hardware.

Have been trying to persuade Labpano for several months to develop a module based around the recently released U-blox ZED-F9K dead reckoning module.

It’s been designed as an automotive product with the advent of self driving cars nearly upon us.

The key advantage to this particular chip is that it has both RTK and dead reckoning.

The unit as well as having highly accurate location, it also has its own onboard IMU which allows it to interpolate your position even when you lose GPS signal when passing under a bridge or even short tunnels or thick tree canopy cover.

These units are going to be mass market installed into cars and won’t cost the earth.

I just need some electronic whizz to build me a unit to work with my camera.

Update - not a mapping example, but a brilliant demonstration of what is possible using cm accuracy GNSS hardware - Robotic cutting the grass

Imagine having a unit this accurate attached to our cameras also having dead reckoning that would achieve the same result even in poor reception conditions.


Hi Chris @MapYourTown, not sure for which camera you would want to use it, but …
In recent days I have been reading documentation about the u-blox MAX M8Q that is in the Pilot One and most Likely in the Pilot Era too. It is shocking. apart from the antenna used likely not being fit for proper GLONASS G1 signal reception, they have not switched on the processing of Galileo signals. They have confirmed they only use GPS and GLONASS.

Another thing is that their GSV CAMM track data is shit. The sampling rates are too low, not living up to GSV requirements.

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