Recommendation for GPS Tracker app

Hi all

Do you have any recommendation for GPS tracker apps (on either Android or iOS) to keep a log of the path you’ve walked/driven, which is particular suitable for Mapillary work, i.e. to tag images.

Ideally low cost (below €5) please.


Hi Maputer,
I use Ultra GPS Logger on Android, and it’s fantastic!
There is a Lite version, for free, or the paid one that could cost €5 lifetime if I remember well.

Hey @maputer!

Check out this post:

Specifically the two links at the bottom:

I have tested the two below which, from my own usage, seem to perform well and meet the above requirements:

Most apps work in the same way and are limited by the devices GPS chip. The big things to look out for are output format (GPX is most widely understood), resolution (max points per second), export options (how does the app store the final file?).

I use OSMAnd. Can set the intervals for GPS logging and it’s a great app for other things too.

Just keep in mind that some power-saving settings on phones can stop the GPS logging. I have had quite a few situations where I though I had saved an hour of GPS tracks, only to discover just a few points were saved due the the power-saving feature on Samsung.

On my iPhone I use GPX Tracker:

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