Publishing bike path data to Google Maps

Hi All,

Just been reading the following announcement on the revamped Google Trusted help pages.

It seems Google have woken up to the increase in bicycle use and the need to map these specific cycle paths. ( I’m sure the same applies to footpaths too.)

They have published some guidance to work with your local authorities to add these cycle paths to Google Maps. Once the paths are on the map. Any GSV video mode captures that we make will snap to these paths.

See this link for the details -

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Is this help forum private? I get a generic help page…

Hi @dgreenwood-trekview,

Are you a Google Trusted Partner? If not then I think you can’t get access. Having said this there has been several complaints from Trusted folks who also couldn’t get access.

Initially I tried to share the link, but it wouldn’t work, hence me cutting and pasting the text instead.

I am not. Could you paste the text here @JimGayes360 ?

Hello, can you send me a link. I am Trusted Photographer


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Hopefully you should be able to access this as you are Google Trusted

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