Proposal - Panos Party II, New Forest (southern England), weekend of June 26/27


Just thiniking that it might be a good idea to have a series of pano parties this summer to get interest in Trek View/Map The Paths, OpenTrailView/OpenWanderer and just generally have fun! The hope is that by June the worst of Covid will be well behind us, lockdown restrictions will be eased and in-person meetups will no longer be a problem - or at worst, can still take place but be subject to a limit on numbers attending.

So I was thinking of maybe tentatively setting a date for the first of maybe two or three pano parties over the summer/early autumn months this year, the weekend of June 26/27 (perhaps the Sunday, 27th) to take place in a similar location to the September event last year - Ashurst or Beaulieu Road stations in the New Forest.

Any thoughts / interest?


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Nice idea @nickw!

I’m planning on doing a lot of cycling this summer, maybe a cycling theme this year?

@dgreenwood-trekview yes that could be an idea, though I was thinking to maximise the number of participants and area covered (not all paths in the New Forest have cycling access) the first one should be walking, or mixed walking/cycling - don’t see why a mixed mode of transport wouldn’t work.

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