Problems processing video through MTP Uploader

I tried using the uploader for my video from Insta360 pro 2 with the following resulting error message.

Any and all help is welcomed.

I have uploaded a copy of the video file here:

@chelseabrian please you describe the video mode you used on the Pro2 to create this video please?

These videos are recorded using the Pro 2 SV settings - 5 FPS 7680*3840. They are stitched using Insta360 stitcher and encoded to H265 and ~ 210 mbps. I will try the uploader with a H264 encoded file and let you know if results are different.

Same error message when encoding in H264. Coincidentally the H264 file is 4-5 times the size of a H265 file.

Thanks @chelseabrian! I am tracking this issue here:

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