Poor Mapillary viewing quality?

Anyone else experiencing this?
Think it used to be better.

compare to an image you have taken earlier with small details (like those branches?)

Left is the original pic as extracted from a GSV video file and right its current view on Mapillary, which is clearly rather bad in comparison. I have the idea that Mapillary used to do better.

I got that, I meant find an earlier picture you took and compare it…

? It is not in the picture, it is in how they show them now. It is not 1 it is all of them.

Repy from Mapillary support on 2020-08-13

The rendered view in Mapillary JS will be of slightly lower quality than the uploaded original because of several compression steps along the way. The resolution of the image that we display depends on the resolution and zoom level of the viewer. If you zoom in, it loads close to a full resolution that is supposed to be handled at with the devicePixelRatio. It is correct though that the resolution depends on the zoom level so the full resolution will most probably not be rendered when zooming out.

I also think we can probably do better on viewing 360 images on Mapillary JS, the cost was the biggest constraints were cost and server capacity previously. There are on-going on the discussion on improving 360 viewer on Mapillary. It will require a substantial effort to get the functionality to become really good. I’ll keep you posted how it goes on development but mostly like this can be done the first quarter of 2021.

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