OpenWanderer - v0.1.0 and significantly improved documentation

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on @Eesger and myself’s OpenWanderer open panoramas project.

The JavaScript API has now become stable enough (albeit still very basic/early in development) to warrant a v0.1.0 release, and there is now significantly more documentation compared to the last announcement at the start of February. There are now a number of walk-through examples, improved documentation on installation and key API features and a page discussing the general aims of the project.

Please see for the project’s main page. This links to the individual repos for the client and server components.

The example apps repo now contains three server-based apps: a Hello World app, a basic app allowing simple pano upload and navigation, and the full OpenWanderer demo app.

We also welcome contributors… feel free to clone the repo and work on improvements. There are no open issues as yet but if you spot a feature that you think would be useful, then do add it and submit a PR!


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