OpenWanderer update and live site now available


Just an update on @Eesger and myself’s OpenWanderer project, which as you may know is a project to produce a 100% free and open source (server, client, processing tools, and imagery) panoramas platform.

We’ve been enhancing the platform whenever we’ve had a moment over the last couple of months, so that you can now upload and navigate sequences, with some nice visual rollover effects on the sequence route and panorama markers.

Furthermore it’s now available at a live site:

If you are not logged in, you can view panoramas and sequences. Note that the panoramas are the panos from OpenTrailView (which shares the same server) - the highest concentrations are in southern England and the Lake Como area of Italy.

An example of a sequence begins at the default loaded pano.
Note that these sequences have been autogenerated from OpenTrailView panoramas by a quick and dirty script to detect panoramas in a sequence. it’s not perfect by any means but it was a quick way of getting a number (around 100) sequences created - OpenTrailView (the current version) does not support sequences but OTV 4 (based on OpenWanderer) will do.

However if you upload panoramas it will automatically create a sequence from them (based on order of upload currently, so please add them in the correct order)

Elevation is handled via a processing script available at This will also later handle face blurring and it’s the aim to integrate OpenSfM. Elevation is not added when the pano is uploaded (as it’s potentially a time consuming process) but as a background cron script (if you want to set it up on your server, you currently have to do this yourself)

Feel free to test it yourself. Let me know (via Campfire messaging) if you are uploading a ‘real’ sequence that you want to publish, otherwise I will assume it 's just a test (which may get deleted).

You need to signup and login to upload panoramas. (Accounts are shared with OpenTrailView).
I need not add that your details are not used for nefarious purposes: they are simply there for authentication, to prevent a panorama being modified or deleted by someone other than its owner or an administrator.

As well as uploading, you can also adjust the pan, tilt and roll of the current panorama when logged in. By doing this you can correctly align the rendered pano sequence to the real-world route on he panorama, and as a result you can correct the rotation angles and then save them to the server.

Any feedback welcome! Bear in mind it’s deliberately minimalist at the moment, it can be considered a demo app albeit one which is functional.

A reminder of the github repos, they are at (JavaScript API, usable in other applications) (The working webapp and server API) (the server ‘bot’ which does background pano processing on the server)


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Quick update on OpenWanderer, as I have reorganised the repo today.

Firstly, The OpenWanderer server is now available as a Composer package, openwanderer/openwanderer and now lives at (if you use the old repo URL, you should be redirected). This makes it easier to build your own OpenWanderer server, as you can install the Composer package and use it in your own application - see the docs in the repo.

The server repo now contains documentation for the OpenWanderer server API, showing the operations you can perform with it.

The demo app, containing an example of how you can use the OpenWanderer server and client packages, is now separated out into its own repository at

Next step… add in @Eesger’s nice transitions!

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I built a zoom/fadeover effect with PSV to attempt a more “Mapillary like experience”.

To make it work as smooth and fast as possible, I grab the canvas, overlay it in a div, zoom (calculating in the distance of the next position) to the next position. In the meantime the next image loads and does a fadeover. The transition process keeps track of the loading time of the next image, so if the images are huge, or the connections is slow, the animation/effect will take longer. The opposite is also true; on a fast connection the experience is better :slight_smile:

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Nice work @nickw @Eesger!

What’s on the roadmap?

p.s I’m currently planning the release of MTP Uploader v4. Maybe you can add the integration between MTPU and OpenWanderer in that release (


We have spoken about this already :wink:

MTP Uploader is very interesting to support/use in our project, it’ll save us time and could enhance both projects :slight_smile:

PS: slight problem for me at the moment is that I’m quite busy with my “regular work”, but I am hoping to spend more time on the project in the near future

PS2: This is how the POC looks:

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Hi @dgreenwood-trekview as Eesger says, we are planning on investigating using the MTP Uploader client-side code in our project… and perhaps making additions which can then be added back to MTP.

Saw that issue a few days ago :slight_smile: Yes, will try and find the time to do this at some point though the coming 2 or 3 months are also quite busy for me. One important point regarding OAuth integration is that OpenWanderer is not a single site, but a platform: so the integration would be with OpenTrailView (or any other OpenWanderer-based site in the future), rather than OpenWanderer per se; OpenTrailView 4 will use the OpenWanderer platform.

In terms of new features, well as I said, adding the transitions is the next thing and we also want to add in face/license plate blurring and hopefully, OpenSfM integration. This will also be done via a server side ‘bot’ (running as a cron job); essentially OpenWanderer has three core components: client side API, server API and bot, with users of the platform able to use some or all of these.

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Also my project (GeoArchive) will use OpenWanderer.

With the move of Mapillary to Facebook I was more then annoyed and started looking for an alternative. In that period I came across @nickw his OpenTrailView and we started talking… he liked the concept of building a platform we both would want to use… in such a way that others could also use this platform/module…

The only thing that needs to be done is build it :stuck_out_tongue:

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