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I’d just like to announce the GitHub repo of the project that @Eesger and myself are working on (when we have the time) - OpenWanderer, which aims to be a completely free and open source panoramas platform, both off- and on-road. We’ve mentioned this before but now there is a github organisation, containing repos. which is open to contributions. See here

Not so much there yet but essentially there will be three components:

  • a server which will provide an API and accept panoramas. This is partly based on OpenTrailView code. (PHP)

  • a JavaScript API - see which will aim to provide similar, but enhanced, functionality to the Mapillary API. (JavaScript). Wraps the Photo Sphere Viewer API; contains code written by @Eesger to convert real-world lat/lon coords into local spherical coords, allowing you to add an adjacent-pano marker to a panorama by specifying its real world lat, lon and altitude. The demo included in the server repo shows this.

  • a panorama processing daemon on the server which will perform such tasks as face/license plate detection, calculating the elevation of panoramas, etc. (Python). This is not started yet but some of the face-detection code in the expts repo will be used as a starting point.

As I said, not so much there yet; we’ve been playing around with various ideas over recent months and one of the three repos is a collection of experiments; but nonetheless the new-server and jsapi repos will form a concrete basis for further work.

The key philosophy of OpenWanderer is not to build a monolithic platform sitting on one server, or server cluster - but rather a fully free and open source (LGPL license) and highly modular platform which anyone can download, install on their own server, and adapt and extend for their own specific use-case.

OpenWanderer will form the basis for the eventual next version of OpenTrailView.



Thanks @nickw!

Regarding the API to OTV, (Integration between Map the Paths Uploader and Open Trail View), will this migration cause any breaking changes?

Hi @dgreenwood-trekview no this will not cause any breaking changes. For one thing, OTV will not be updated to use OpenWanderer for a while, probably several months (as I said earlier, OpenWanderer still needs quite a bit of work, just posting the repo now to make people aware and to invite contributions) - and for another thing, when it is updated (OTV 4) it will continue to use the same OAuth API.

This is awesome. Now watching those repos…


We’ve got the right idea… need to find the time to put it all into words…

And more importantly, into code!

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@Eesger was thinking that the github repo might be the best place for documentation - would you agree?

@nickw @Eesger How’s the code coming along? Do you have an estimation on when OW will make it out into the wild?

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The github repo is a good location for the various information about the different modules and functions.
The wiki/page at will become the spot for project info and vision/structure.

At this time Nick is mostly active with the repos. This is the busiest time of the year for my company now… In the mean time I try to spend some time preparing for next year when I will have more time for this.

My idea for OpenWanderer is it being an import part for my GeoArchive project. I decided it would be best to create this buildingblock as an OpenSource part. I am glad to have found Nick as enthusiastic about it as I am. I am now working on finding funds for my project, this is hindered quite a bit because of Corona… I recently had a phone conversation that gives me hope in this retrospect!
In the meantime I am working on the buildingblocks when I have the time…

Since Mapillary can no longer be an option (privacy concerns…) for my GeoArchive project I hope to replace this with OpenWanderer. For this I have found Photo-Sphere-Viewer (PSV) to be a most promesing buildingblock. But alas it did not support the possibility for placing markers via lat/lon coordinates. I have managed to add that option.
I am now working on improving the user experience of PSV, creating a nice transition between one view and the clicked next one. It won’t be as good as the one of Mapillary, but will give a comparable experience (I hope :wink: )

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@Eesger completely agree with all of this. The issue with closed-source code is that the owner can remove the service at any time, as we’re seeing in the Google tour creator thread. FOSS code on the other hand can be kept alive even if one particular provider shuts their service down.

Looking forward to see your transitions code!

@dgreenwood-trekview as Eesger says, i’m finding a bit of time to work on it though I also am relatively busy now. It’s likely that I will have quite a lot of time from mid-Dec to late Jan. I am almost at the stage where I have a working demo to allow pano uploads and creation of navigable sequences.

Just a quick update. I’ve now made a (still very basic) demo which allows you to upload groups of panoramas as a sequence, as well as search for panos by lon/lat and by ID. If a pano is part of a sequence you will be able to navigate along the sequence. If the pano is incorrectly oriented the sequence will, however, appear in the wrong direction.

This is available in the new-server repo.

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