No GPS Data on Gopro MAX 360 mp4's (GoPro MAX Exporter Windows)

I have the latest MAX firmware and GoPro MAX Exporter Windows.

My .360 files have GPS information, but when proceeing to h.264 (or any codec) using the MAX Exporter, this telemetry is not included in the output file (in this case .mp4).

Can someone describe how they process MP4 files using the Exporter to retain GPS in 360 vids?

The Windows app does not retain the GPS data when exporting, the macOS one does.

The Beta version of the Windows Player app (NOT Exporter) does retain it, I think.

Actually, I realised the Windows store version is in fact the latest (the release date shown does not represent the release date of the latest version). Ignore the Microsoft Store link in the last post and just PM me for a download link.

Can you send me the download link please @dgreenwood-trekview.?

Also check out this list of resources for GoPro cameras (copied from the GoPro forums):

User friendly

  • GoPro App Desktop / Android / iOS (Free) - Official editing tool. Can visualize some of the metadata, although many users have reported problems.
  • GoPro Telemetry Extractor (Free/Premium) - Extract, visualize and convert any data stream (sensor) to other formats.
  • GoPro GPS Quick Fix (Paid) - Modifies your video files to enable gauges / performance stickers in GoPro Quik.
  • Virb Edit (Free) - Overlay nice gauges on videos. GPS data must be converted to GPX first.
  • Dashware (Free) - Combine video and gauges. Data must be converted to compatible formats first.
  • Serious Racing (Free) - Online lap timer. Reads GPS data.
  • Race Technology (Paid) - Offline lap timer and other sensor data.
  • Drone Viewer (Paid) - Reads and displays GPS data alonside the video.
  • Race Render (Trial/Paid) - Offline lap timer. GPS data must be converted to GPX first.
  • After Effects Telemetry template (Lite/Paid) - Customizable After Effects overlay for visualizing multiple data streams.
  • Lap Analyser (Free) - Gets lap times, forces and angles from motorsports footage (cars/motorcycles)
  • The Video Map (Free) - Watch your youtube videos alongside a location map

For developers

  • gopro-telemetry - JavaScript tools for extracting any data stream.
  • gpmf-parser - C++ sample project and documentation on the GoPro Metadata Format.
  • gopro-utils - GoLang tools for extracting some of the data streams, plus batch tool for automating the process on Windows.
  • gopro2gpx - Python tool for converting the GPS data into GPX.
  • gpmf-extract - JavaScript tool for extracting the binary data from the mp4 when ffmpeg is not available.

@dgreenwood-trekview please send me the alternative link for Go Pro MAX Exporter. Thank you.

@Pvnkreaz i dug high and low, but alas, cannot find the copy I had.

Get over to the GoPro community forum and start a thread with this problem.

The more people that request this feature, (hopefully) the more likely GoPro will remedy.

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