Nctech pulsar backpack

I was on the nctech site today and saw this camera mount for their Pulsar camera:

Are any backpack mounts available like this to buy? Or is this a custom build? I want something that mounts the camera directly above my head and is relatively stable and this looks perfect (the Trek Pack is a bit simplistic for my requirements).

Almost certainly a custom build @ajp88 .

It’s an external backpack with what looks to be a mount built specifically for the Pulsar camera.

Here’s a great read that covers the history of the external backpack frame, and links some possible options to purchase to solve the frame element:

We’re actually in the process of revamping the Trek Pack, and introducing a new professional grade option similar to the above… Watch this space.

Here are some pace frames I’ve found during my research:

But none match the pack frame in OP.

Are you thinking of building / have already built a pack @thibault?

The Kuiu carbon fibre frame, and shoulder straps have been mentioned by others to me in the past too. About $250 in total, with current discounts.

@ajp88 I tried it and it’s a military backpack customized for that camera

Thanks @KikoTrekView. After some more searching I found this online

But it is not visible to purchase in their shop when I click the ‘Visit our store’ link.

Do you know what happened to it? Do nctech still make it? Seems it is only one year old from the post date (06/03/2019)

And a bit more Googling and I found a link to purchase for £1440 (inc. VAT).

It’s an impressive bit of kit by the look of it and only 6kg. Time to start saving!

What does the large screw (technical term: twisty thing on the back) do?

Ha! You proved me wrong about it…

Almost certainly a custom build @ajp88 .

I’m intrigued now. Does anyone know of other companies, both camera manufacturers and third parties, producing pro-grade backpacks like this one from nctech? Please do share.

I personally tried it during IVRPA 2019 in Belfast and is really comfortable, but a bit heavy and have sense only to hold an NCTech camera that is heavy as well.
Was quite expensive, as you found, that is probably why is no more in production.

I can say that there is something about it that is boiling in the Trek View pot, but for now, I can not say more … :wink:

The big back screw, block the pole, and the bag under, is used to store the camera external battery.

About the weight, I have a good experience in outdoor capture and starting by 6Kg. just for the frame, without a camera, extra batteries, and water it’s not a nice start :slight_smile:

Here’s one from the Insta360 forum built from a ALPS OutdoorZ Commander frame:

Piling in to this thread late… the Sphericam 2 had a nice backpack design, but this too appears to be custom made. Probably a one off to as the Sphericam 2 never shipped to backers (it seems).

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