My LabPano roof mounted setup for capturing Street View images from my car

Hi everyone,

Thanks for you replies about car roof mounts for my Lab Pano Pilot Era.

I wanted to share my final kit list, now I have this set up and running:

About $350 / £300 all-in.

The mount came with an adapted the screwd into the camera, so no mount adjustment needed.

The mount uses suction pads for grip, which are study if the surface is completely dry. It works better on glass, but I mount to the paintwork on the roof and have has not problems with stability/grib (up to 80km/h)

I connect the camera to an Anker Powerbank (already owned) that gives me easily more than 10 hours of shooting time. I’ve never used it longer than this so can’t comment on how long it will last, but after 10 hours the Powerbank still shows 3/10 lights (about 30% charged).

The 4.5 meter charging cable is about right to run the wire down the arm of mount and through the gap in the door (shuts fine and does not damage cable) and into the door pocket where I keep the Powerbank.

I’ll share my images soon – they’re still waiting to be published on Street VIew.

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Amazing. Please post those photos soon @cannondale and keep us updated on the project.

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