Mechanical/Electronic gimbal for GSV video mode capture

This thought has been bugging me for a while, so decided to throw it out for discussion.

Part of the GSV video mode capture specification is that no mechanical or electronic image levelling is allowed when making a capture. Google’s processing is supposed to take care of the levelling.

One of the presentation videos at the GSV summit last year showed someone using an Insta360 Pro pole mounted but using a mechanical stabilising gimbal.

The Labpano cameras have their PilotSteady electronic stabilisation function on board, but currently this option is disabled in the GSV video capture mode.

Just wondering what would happen if we did make stabilised image captures? Would it mess up Google’s processing if we did?

Also considering other platforms such as Mapillary would there be any advantages or disadvantages for capturing levelled panos?

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PilotSteady (labpano) or Flowstate (Insta) are software solutions… What Google does is a software solution also… compounding one software solution upon an other… I think there are good arguments to not want that.

What I do not understand is why one would not want mechanical stabilisation (like a gimbal).

A car gives great stabilisation… that’s allowed… steady walking to try and get a more stable track is… a good stable backpack is ok… so what in the name of which almighty you believe in would then be the reason to disallow a gimbal solution??

In my opinion is a good stable bases is preferable. Also the better bases you have, the broader you can use it, the less correction is needed via software… which by definition is a correction… the less you need to correct, the best end result I’dd think…

(That is the main reason I bought a moza guru 360)

Mapillary presumes a car mount, which provides a steady base for the camera. If the camera has been levelled on the car, then that all works out fine. That is a different thing for cycling or walking, no levelling correction.

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