Mapillary Image Quality Rating

What are your thoughts about Mapillary’s new Image Quality score?

It is a great idea, and is working fairly with my images. I am getting 4 and 5’s :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how the score is calculated?

From their blog:

Our Quality Score combines properties of the image contents that are estimated using neural networks and “static” properties such as the image resolution. To be specific, the following properties are used to calculate a single score per image:

  • Blurriness (motion blur / out-of-focus)
  • Occlusion (camera mount, ego vehicle, water-drops)
  • Windshield reflections
  • Bad illumination (exposure, glare)
  • Bad weather condition (fog, rain, snow)
  • Time of capture (night images)
  • Bad capturing settings (close-up, non-street level)

The resulting score is published as 5 discrete values (1 to 5, with five being the best quality)

I don’t like that it doesn’t take into account the GPS quality, it’s really only about the image itself.

I got 1 for this image:

I know it’s likely because of the sun, but still, I consider it a semi-professional setup (camera mount with a height similar to what Google use, precise RTK GPS with 10cm accuracy, 360 camera with short capturing interval, etc). Yeah, it’s not 4 or 5 because of the weather, but 1? I’ve seen worse images. Deserves 2 at least if only because it’s 360 :slight_smile:

I’ve written there before, that 360 images deserve a ‘plus one’ by default :wink:

PS: could you tell a bit more about your (GPS) setup? Cost, connecting it all, processing… stuff like that (maybe best in a new thread?)

Here is my car mount:

For GPS I use Ublox F9P, you can read more here:

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