Map Your Town

Hi there we are a great team from Africa, not only street view roads but provide content to the tourism industry.


@MapYourTown such a cool project. Chris, that video is amazing too – you are a very lucky man.

I know you guys have lots of kit many in the forum will be jealous of. My question; if you had to choose one bit of kit, what would it be?

Well I found each camera can do a good job…depending what you do…For walking I will use small and light cameras , for tar roads big cameras , for off road cheaper models…Mean will not use a INSTA PRO on off roads to expensive to loose a camera, some roads are very ruff so the GoPro Fusion can handle it and if it breaks I have a spare to continue street view …in Africa you need to prepared … I learn my lesson , I street view some ready bad off roads , walk with Gorillas , street view the rivers , mountains remote Island where no humans are… I spend 8 weeks street viewing cost the company a arm and leg to get me on those remote areas , at end what happens none of those images could not be uploaded on to street view will not mention the camera but was bad…Well suppose to do the street view over this year …

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