Making money from 360 road mapping during the pandemic

Since I lost my job last year I have been doing some delivery jobs. I am thinking I can make more money by mapping roads on Google Street View. Is someone else doing it?

That’s the million dollar question. I suggest going to restaurants and hotels and offer to make indoor virtual tours for them that is hosted on Street View. You can make roads, but people who pay for that are usually tourist organisations or municipalities.

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Hey @aklantak!

Unfortunately you need to have a fleet of vehicles to make this worthwhile. Even then, you’d be competing with established providers offering these services (like NCTech

@360-camera (founder of probably has some good thoughts on the subject…

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Apart from Travel Destination Marketing organizations, the general recommendation is to find sponsorship for the stretch that you want to capture. You can consider the nadir part of the panorama as a promotions channel to show off brand logos. Be aware of Google’s rules on this. Also note that to replace a Google capture you need a minimum resolution of 8K. For easy of use, I would recommend a Labpano Pilot One EE camera.

Also check on Mapillary’s market.

Do not underestimate that you will have to build some technical understanding and experience. To make it more difficult, Google cannot be trusted on its results, which makes it impossible to sell if a 100% guarantee is needed.

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