Mac Uploader stuck trying to process Video

Map the Paths Uploader Tool for Mac gets stuck when trying to process 360-video from my GoPro MAX. I assume the software works great and I’m just doing something wrong. Can someone tell me what file format I should be using? Is there something else I should check?

I’ve let a 16 second video clip run overnight with no luck.

System Specs: Mac OS Big Sur (11.4) on a Mac Mini M1; GoPro footage captured at 5K.

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I am using the max too on a Mac and the sequence-processing seems to run forever. After rendering the .360 files to .mp4 with GoPro Player, I drop the file into MTP Uploader and that should be it. I would love to hear if we’re doing something critically wrong here.

Tried minute short videos at 5.6K resolution run for at least a day with no luck too.

System specs: macOS Big Sur (11.4) on an iMac 21.5" (2017)

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Maybe it’s just dumb luck, I was finally able to get an H.264 5K video that is 55 seconds long to process. Instead of selecting “GoPro MAX” I used “Other” and the tool exported JPG’s with GPS coordinates. Experiments continue.

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Awesome, I’ll try that!

Hi @kartmann @Roads – thanks for trying out the uploader.

I am aware of these issues, and working on a fix for 0.4.

Maybe it’s just dumb luck

The selection of camera has no impact on processing (it is used as a simple user validation step to confirm we support the metadata standard used by the camera), so it might be dumb luck in this case – but so is most software development :slight_smile:

Can you share the video you used (or a short sample) @Roads? I can try and debug.


@dgreenwood-trekview Do you want the untouched .360 file from the GoPro MAX camera or do you want the .mp4 that I exported/converted from .360 file using GoPro Player? (or both?) My home internet isn’t good enough to upload large files (or much of anything) so the upload would be later this week when I can get to a more stable internet connection.

I was struggling with an 8-minute clip from the same camera but I think I found the issue! I had been using long file names that described the file format. When I shorten the filename to 11 characters the tool seems to run much better even for longer videos.

@dgreenwood-trekview Perhaps you could add code to the next release that requires renaming the input file if the filename is longer than a certain number of characters.

@kartmann, you may want to check the length of your filenames.

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@Roads Except from reordering the filename to a more sensible format, I never change the original GoPro filename (10 characters), but I’ll test if maybe spacing in the filename is the culprit. Thank you for taking the time to investigate this too.

Edit: By choosing “Other” on the camera option I am able to go through all the phases from choosing distance between each frame, adding nadir, etc. But when I finally try to do processing I get this error message:

ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/Users/olajuulholm/MTP/sequences/0123456789/originals/_1.jpg’

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