Lower-end (price range) camera and comments on Ricoh Theta SC/SC2?


So far I’ve been using either the Photo Sphere mode on an Android phone or an old Ricoh Theta (M15) on long term loan to create my 360 panos.

However I am thinking it’s high time to get a new model: the Photo Spheres are good quality but long-winded to take and the old Theta doesn’t take great quality photos. That said, I would prefer to avoid spending too much and not exceeding more than £300/EUR 300 or thereabouts. I don’t need ultra-high quality, just something like for instance https://opentrailview.org/?id=12105, with a clear view of the nearby surroundings even if distant objects are a little blurred.

This suggests something like the Theta SC(2), basically an updated version of the Theta I am currently long-term borrowing.

However I have heard of some issues with connecting to the Theta from the Android app used to take photos. Also I believe it doesn’t do auto-stitching on the device, only in the app, so I’d then have to manually stitch using e.g. Hugin which could introduce inaccuracies.

So any tips for a reasonable low-end device which takes acceptable panos similar in quality to the example I gave?


Hey @nickw,

I can’t fault the GoPro Max.

It’s a little above your price range brand new, but if you’re prepared to invest in a second hand camera you should find one for that price on eBay.

It offers great options for timelapse photo settings (described here) and the image quality is great (this might look familiar).


Hi @dgreenwood-trekview ok thanks for that, will take a look.

Hi @nickw, @dgreenwood-trekview,

Just a heads up, the Theta app had an update yesterday to address Android connectivity issues.

For information, my first 360 camera was a Theta V, it’s a brilliant camera and I’ve still got it. I’ve made many miles of GSV footpath and cyclepath tours. It works with the GSV app. It’s got a good dynamic range.

It can also be used for fun stuff as in taking photos inside things as it has a very close focus and excellent in camera stitching. I made a Lego model virtual tour using it. All images straight out of the camera, no post

Ricoh also have their Plugin store where you can side load some really useful stuff too.


@JimGayes360 ok thanks for that. Sorry for the late reply… been distracted by other stuff recently so haven’t visited the forum in two or three weeks.

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