Looking for a good 360 camera car mount for the top of my car

I’m trying to mount my LabPano Pilot camera to the top of my car (Tesla Model 3) to capture images of town (one of the places Google has not yet captured).

I don’t want to spend too much money, but it seems to do it properly I’ll need to invest in one of the ones with legs so the camera is 50cm or so above the car instead of the cheap suction mount included with the camera (that I am dubious of strength anyway).

What are people here using? Any advice?

Hi @cannondale – what is too much money?

It seems $200 will get you something good.

50 cm seems like a good height. Too low and the car takes up too much space in the nadir and makes for poor viewing.

I know someone who shoots with a DSLR on their car using this mount:


All you’ll probably need is a mount adaptor to mount the Pilot camera. Which at the Amazon price today ($180), should bring it in for under $200.

Here’s a good, and fairly recent post on the We Get Around forum:

Depends on which Pilot you are talking about, the Era or the One, rather a difference in weight and size.
I mount my Era with https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00A86MMY8 and have been driving over 80 kmph with it. I prefer a view as close as would have the driver, so not a real high up mount, even though this means more of the car in the pano.

What is the reasoning for this @OmniSynThesis360VR?

Well, the average viewer is not sitting on top of the car, but behind the wheel. I always want the viewpoint as natural as possible. For pure mapping purposes that would be different.


The camera height position will always cause debate.

GSV cars are set at 2.5m, yet Google recommend 1.65m indoors. I believe most Mapillary driving captures are made at dashboard/windscreen height, so even lower.

We are all used to the GSV car camera height because we’ve been using it for a long time, but I, like @OmniSynThesis360VR feel that to get a real persons perspective mounting the camera as close to eye height gives the best view.
It also depends on the usage case intended for the captures. I’ve made some public transport access captures aimed at people who need disabled access and for people with autism. Making captures with the camera mounted at 2.5m is not ideal. I’ve even made a virtual tour aimed at small children and the camera was set at around 0.9m high.
Many trails I’ve captured I have to mount the camera just above my head anyway to minimise getting caught up in low overhanging branches. I simply wouldn’t be able to walk many sections with the camera set at 2.5m up in the air.

Apologies for going off topic.

As for a car mount, I’ve made my own. Our car has an electric sliding sunroof and I’ve made a wooden adapter plate that I can clamp into the opening in combination with a height adjustable monopod, the base sits in the armrest inside the car. It works very well, but is very much s bespoke solution.

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So usable about one day a year in Northern England @JimGayes360 :slight_smile:


Yep, it’s usually seized up for the one day a year we can use it. :laughing:

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