Lake Biograd Trail, Biogradska Gora National Park, Montenegro - Part 1

Pearl of European natural heritage. Today almost the only European rainforest, which surround the fantastic Beiogradkso Lake, is located at just a few kilometers away from Kolasin. For a long time under the protection of rulers of these areas, for the National Park Biogradska gora people say that not a single tree has been cut in it. Today, this natural reservation preserves dozens of plant and hundreds of animal species, which can only be found in this place in entire Europe. Central moment of the entire park by all means is Biogradsko lake which on the surface of entire 230.000 m2 is located at 1094 meters of height above the sea level, together with Jezerstica, the outpour tributary, making a water comples of exquisite beauty. Above the lake, which stretches on 54000 ha, raise huge mountain wreaths, which for millenniums have been reflecting in its calm water surface.

Trail map around the lake and track to the North leading to the viewing tower.

Lets take a walk clockwise around Lake Biograd following the Ekoloska Staza route 320R.
Starting from the jetty at the North West end of the lake.

Past the car park.

A picnic site in the trees.

Another picnic site.

View across the lake.

Enjoying the Trail.

Another peek at the lake.

Plenty of information points along the trail.

The start of the board walk section passing through the wetlands around the South East end of the lake.

Explore down to the right.

Or carry straight on, the choice is yours.

Enough room to pass.

Picnic on the board walk perhaps?

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